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Asim Barnes
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I have 20 years of experience in playing and teaching guitar. My experience is in many different genres, recording, performing, music therapy, all different ages. I’ve worked the Roots, Hezekiah Walker just to name a few, and I’ve performed at Lincoln Center and The Apollo Theater. My music mentoring includes Harrison School of Music, Mount Vernon School of Music, and Mount Vernon high school and I was trained in classical and jazz guitar and piano, as well as rock and roll and funk. I believe I would be a great asset to your organization and do the upmost to uplift students to reach their maximum potential through sharing the gift and joy of music.


  • Monday:08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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  • $75.00 1 Hrs

    My approach to teaching includes open chords( most commonly cmajor,gmajor, fmajor, dmajor, aminor, amajor, emajor, eminor, and dminor) as these are the most common chords found in all genres, especially for the 1,4,5 minor and major progressions.

    Step 2: includes bar chords( most common chords for rock and roll) Nirvana Teen Spirit, ACDC, Nickelback, Weezer especially all use this type of chord for it's rock solid, passionate and punchy sound. Unlike inverted chords which i'll describe next, or open chords, they have a serious and strong song straight to the point sound rather than sweet, sour or jazzy. They are straight to the point because it is only 3 fingers 1,3,4 pointer, ring and pinky, chord points 1,5,1 or root note, it's fifth, and back to the root note but an octave( 8 notes in the scale) higher.

    Step 3. includes chord inversions going up the neck ( similar to open chords but with the order of notes inverted and sometimes with an extra note or 2 add like a ninth or 7th hence the term inversion to get a richer more expansive sound. a song such as Roxanne by the police uses this allowing for richer and bigger chord voicings. Another great example of this is You Can't Get What You Want by Joe Jackson, in particular a live video in Tokyo from 1986 that shows the rich and beautiful full sounds you can get without relying on horns and extra instruments to achieve this sound.

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