Joshua Goodman

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Pianist, Composer, Educator, Producer
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When I was six years old my grandmother, Daisy, sat me down and we played through a book of duets. There was one in particular, “The Pink Parasol” that was my favorite. From that time on, I tried to impress Daisy. I would write songs. My teenage years was spent practicing at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, from Bach to Chopin, while also playing in the high school stage band. I was soon to find my interest in jazz music. While at McGill University in Montreal I switched from classical studies to jazz. I was very much influenced by a guest of the university, Barry Harris. He gave a master class for three days and it was amazing! History at our front door. Many years later, after living in California and playing in bands out there, I was to record with Barry Harris’ drummer, Leroy Williams. The music can be heard on my website, ┬áNow I live in New Jersey with a view of the city. I love it here. The jazz community is vibrant and welcoming. There are people here, like myself, from all over the world. I hope to welcome you to my studies while I impart some knowledge to you.


  • Monday:10:30 am to 05:00 pm
  • Tuesday:10:30 am to 05:00 pm
  • Wednesday:10:30 am to 05:00 pm
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Introduce beginner students to fundamentals of music and piano practice. Alfred's text and Czerny texts were used. Ear Training was introduced as well as basic tonic-dominant relationships. Preparation for recitals. Transcribing of Indian music was a project for one of my students.
Introduce piano fundamentals. Similar studies found in job description of Further Music School.
Taught some beginner students. But also, a adult student who studies advanced classical music. We looked at Preludes and Nocturnes by Chopin and Fugues by Bach. My student practiced an average of two hours per day. It was a thrill to coach her!
Scored jazz arrangements for a documentary on Hugh Hefner. The director of the film had received an Oscar for a prior documentary on Artie Shaw. Learned aspects of film making from Music Supervision to Composing to Editing.
Earned a Ontario Popular Music Grant towards the recording of Leroy Williams, drummer with Barry Harris for over 40 years, Brandi Disterheft, a Juno-winning bassist, and myself. Worked on all aspects of recording: composing, scoring, rehearsing, producing, layout, print making, ... The group is still active today.
  • Advanced Certificate in Music and Production Dec 15 2019
    Completed certificate at Queens College. Midi-sequencing, audio production, songwriting, film scoring, ... many aspects of production including a year internship was completed.
Overview of music, like songwriting and midi sequencing, and the link to production. Audio production was explored. Everything from setting up the recording, selecting the mic to designing the ProTools session and recording. A year internship was also part of the program in which I recorded all the jazz ensembles and functioned as a producer.
Overview of Jazz Studies, specifically jazz piano. Arranging, composition, counterpoint, jazz styles, business class, ensembles, private lessons... these were some of the subjects that were studied. I recorded a big band chart and studied the rhythm section and the history of jazz. I wrote a paper showing the link between Dvorak and Duke Ellington. I overlapped with production studies eventually earning that certificate. At the conclusion of the Masters degree I performed an hour long recital of jazz standards and original music.
Studying various aspects of teaching English to non-native speakers. Phonetics was studied including the shape of the mouth and tongue to understand some of the difficulties in producing sound in English depending on the speakers country of origin. Presentations were made on the grammar of English and an Internship was completed. I had taught English in Switzerland and Taiwan prior to this Certificate.
Ear Training, Theory, Jazz Improvisation, arranging, composing, ... these were the courses studied at the undergrad level. I had two sets of juries. I performed in ensembles and at campus cafes and clubs in Montreal. I started in classical studies and completed my courses in 1991. I took three years to complete my juries. Transcription was a major part of my studies.

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