Michael Capanelli

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Where to begin…..Seems like the beginning would be best, no? Here goes

It all started when, as an infant, my mother noticed that the only thing that would quiet me down at night was a radio placed in my crib. Fast forward 4 years and I started to pick up melodies by ear on our family piano. They promptly sent me for Saturday morning piano lessons. I didn’t really like the piano but every Saturday they put me in the car and sent me for lessons. 

At around 10 I heard my mother listening to the radio and this wonderful sound come out. It was David Lindley playing his solo for the Jackson Brown song “Running on empty”. Right there I was hooked. I stopped playing piano and promptly asked for a guitar. Armed with an acoustic and the Roy Clark guitar book I found in my Grandmother’s attic, I set out to learn guitar. 

Fast forward more yers than I’d rather think about later, and here we are. I’ve played on records, been on national tours, played in more bands than I can remember, worked in major label studios ,and taught 1000’s of students in my 15+ years teaching in NYC and Long Island. I spent a decade teaching 50+ students a week in Melville NY. My students have gone on to attend prominent musical colleges, join touring bands, and have even been nominated for a grammy. 


I’m a patient and responsive teacher that can bring real world experience out in the trenches of the industry in to the lesson room. No mater your goals as a musician, I can help you get there. There’s no short cuts or magic systems either, just practice and persistence. My emphasis is on understand rhythm and chord structure first. Everything has and is b built on rhythm and having an intimate understand of rhythm is vital to being a competent musician. So whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been playing a long time and hit a ceiling, I can. Work with you to achieve your goals and help you on your path to musical self expression.  




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