Naomi Olivier

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Naomi Olivier is a music lover, pianist, singer and composer who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She has been playing the piano for 14 years, and is a lover of music theory, having discovered how useful it is. She is an ever learner.

“Since I have such a natural ear for music, I was a piano student who was not always studious when it came to really mastering written music…until around age 13 when I began to take my piano lessons more seriously and also to study music theory. Music theory has made reading written music much easier, and has given me many tools and ideas that I continue to utilize in my musical compositions. I am currently studying Level 8 music theory.

I absolutely value music theory. As I vaguely remember someone saying, music theory is pretty much the “grammar” of music. I have personally found that it has greatly benefitted me as a composer. I now have tools from which to expand my creativity in my compositions.

Since age 15, I have had to do much less piano playing due to some wrist issues I have developed. However, I have never given up playing the piano completely. I have done lots of mental music practice (practicing written music in my mind), mentally practice recordings I have made since having wrist issues, and played and sang as I have been able. I praise God for enabling me to continue developing musically in spite of my challenges. I feel that all of this has paid off. I believe that I read music much faster and more comfortably now than I did when I was physically practicing almost every day.

Working with me, piano students can expect to gain a solid musical foundation which will eventually help them to fluidly read music. My philosophy of teaching includes the use of ear training and sight-reading for more advanced students. I will use classical and/or folk music with all students, and will be happy to use church music with those who are interested. I will be sensitive to students’ individual learning speeds and we will have a good time together. I am currently offering to teach up to the intermediate and lower advanced levels.

I am happy to do my best in passing on the knowledge that I have with others. I am not a certified teacher and I am a beginning piano teacher, but I am pretty comfortable with written music and I have a decent knowledge of correct piano playing technique. In addition, I am blessed to be able to reach out to my knowledgeable former piano teacher and gain insights and tips from her knowledge and experience. I will do my very best to help others develop skills and find enjoyment in playing this versatile instrument. ” ~Naomi Olivier


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